• Research at University of Edinburgh

    Participant Purgatory in Studies for Long-Duration Space Travel

    (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

    By using methodology in epidemiology a literature review was created on what constitutes a physiological and psychological stressor in space, reviewed what personality traits are most often thought to appear in commercial space colonies and reviewed the history on the current selection process for astronauts. Provided key program management protocols for strategic communications and guidelines in commercial spaceflight human factor research. Created a mathematical model for compatibility groups in commercial space and guidelines for extending research into astropsychological sciences and group dynamics in space missions.

    ​Confabulations in Patients with Aneurysms in the Anterior Communicating Artery

    (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

    Reviewed literature on Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms and determined the biological and psychological hypotheses for patients who confabulate. Made an argument for surgeons to use the endovascular detachable coil versus using a clip.

  • Research at UMass Amherst

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  • Research at Hampshire College

    Mathematical Modeling the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s and Drug Interference

    Hampshire College

    Examine differential equations to better understand the critical component of the pathogenesis of AD, and examine where drug interference needs to be initiated in terms of Amyloid-Beta plaque formation, astrology and microglia levels and overall neuronal survival/death.

    Mathematical Modeling in Schizophrenia using the Glutamate Hypothesis

    Hampshire College

    Examine the differences between the glutamate and dopamine hypothesis to determine a proper way of mathematically tracking the progression of hyperactivity in relation to Schizophrenia.

    Prospective Cohort Study on the Effects of Adderall (Amphetamine Salts) on Cardiovascular Health

    Hampshire College

    Examined the usage of Adderall by following college aged students and the eventual cardiovascular health disparities later in life. The study was tested by using survey analysis and overall health records that are believed to be high risk hospitalizations due to cardiovascular impurities.


    Artistic Realization in Primary Progressive Aphasia

    Hampshire College

    Examined clinical findings to determine the diagnosis of PPA (Primary Progressive Aphasia) in three separate cases, along with qualitative work into determining the artistic realization that comes during onset of disease progression.


    Perceptions of Eye Care in Rural India

    Hampshire College

    Conducted beginning ethnographic work on perceptions to receiving Eye Care in Rural India. Viewed different cultural reasons to why patients would not seek access to eye care and the pillars to understanding fear from a cultural lens.


    Neurocysticercosis in Mexico

    Hampshire College

    Examined the progression of the infectious disease Neurocysticercosis in the across all of Mexico with research into projected public health treatment plans and country-wide drug intervention.


    Literature Review of Endocytosis, Autophagy and Neuronal Homeostasis in Relation to Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Hampshire College

    Discussed the multifaceted deliberation of neuron specific cellular abnormalities that are attributed to neurodegenerative disorders by viewing current literature and research done to pinpoint neural defects.


    Sustainable Architecture and LEED Certification

    Hampshire College

    Examined strategies to determine efforts in creating sustainable apartment housing in the Pittsburgh, PA market. Created an extensive marketing plan, customer and competitor analysis as well as analyzed LEED certification for all building materials.